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Soul Calibur II Group Plans

Soooo, as of now we're planning to debut our Soul Calibur II costumes for Fanime. I'm positive that we're gonna wear them on Saturday (after/before the Naruto gathering)
here's all the characters we're doinging (correct me if I'm wrong):

empathwitch - Ivy 3rd outfit
wutaixninja - Seung Mina 1st outfit
supersora - Yunsung 1st outfit
mikoto_hime - Talim 2nd outfit
googolplexia - Cassandra green outfit
lineinthedirt - Sophitia 1st outfit
Alyssa - Xianghua ? outfit

jared? anyone wanna ask him?

and cherryteagirl is going to join our SCII group as Talim 1st outfit and her friend might go as Seung Mina, woooo~!
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Thats sounds cool. It is going to be hard to get taryn to do it though because, "cosplay isnt a priority right now." I still want her too, but we will have to initiate stuff. She probably wont do it on her own.
That's fine *nods*
I'm doing Talim's pink outfit, methinks ^.^


December 22 2006, 07:32:45 UTC 11 years ago

Im really excited about this! I found really comfy fabric for ynsung's pants and now I cant wait. Its going to be soo cool. BTW I found this really neat stiff fabric(?) that can be used to make forms like ,oh say, a black mage hat or weird flaps on yunsung's waist. The material can be sewn to but is also very stiff and will keep its form. Its good stuff yepyep.
^That comment was me^
I accidentally signed out before I posted it and didnt notice.
where what?
sorry where did u find the fabric??